Why study in Baku



It is crystal clear that Iran is rich for its powerful EFL tutors. Learning General English has a long history in most Iranian cities. But one huge disadvantage among language centers located inside Iran is the lack of native American or British teachers. I do not want to under estimate any non-native Iranian English teacher, but it is a bitter fact that native English teachers are a better model in most aspects of learning English as a foreign language.

Visiting the UK, the US or Malta etc for short / long term English courses costs an arm and a leg for Iranian students nowadays. Thanks to the increasing number of Iranian students enrolling in our language center, and thanks to our strong connections in Tehran and Shiraz, since 2019, we reduced our prices in order to attract and enroll more Iranian students at our center WORDIKA.

We are proud to have a number of native English teachers teaching at our center. Tutors who have dedicated their whole life to teaching English. Simply put, Iranian learners can visit us to improve their General English skills. Even if you know nothing about IELTS or TOEFL, you can enroll and learn with us too.


Some good reasons for choosing Baku, Azerbaijan:

  • Being a neighbor with Iran

  • Having similar traditions with Iran

  • Transportation from Iran to Azerbaijan is cheap

  • Prices in Baku are user-friendly. You will get shocked to see some items even cheaper than in Iran

  • People are friendly towards visitors from Iran

  • Azerbaijan is a muslim country

  • Baku, is a very beautiful city

  • Lots of places to have fun and take selfies

  • Compared with UK or USA, accommodation is cheaper

  • And so on Ö.

For numerous beauties and cultural activities etc Baku, Azerbaijan offers tourists, feel free to YOUTUBE or GOOGLE it. We are sure the results would be satisfactory.

So, why not! Come to Baku, learn, travel and have fun. Letís make some noise.