Tutors at WORDIKA go through a hard test and interview. After that they have to work on a 1 month trial. If every thing goes smooth then the tutor gets the full rights to work for us at WORDIKA. All our teachers are above 25 years old and have at least 7 years of teaching experience at their own field. Our tutors are observed 4 times a year so that we make sure they are up-graded.

 Working under RAMINEM Teachers instructions has made our tutors stronger and more confident and creative. All our tutors are full of energy and love their job. They do teaching and give lessons simply because they love it. Teaching is in their blood. You have to see to believe. We at WORDIKA, pay twice more than other institutes/centers just to keep our tutors satisfied with their job.

Another important issue to mention is that we trust all our tutors. Thatís the way it is.