Our Clients




Some of our clients in Azerbaijan


Since the establishment of Wordika.az in 2010

in Baku, Azerbaijan we have had about 5.000 students.

A portion of our students have been from various Universities,

organizations, individuals etc such as:

ADU, Baku State University, AZ Neft, Socar, BP, Different Ministries,

Economics University, Bankers, Capital Bank, UNI Bank, IRC,

American Center, British School in Baku, Oxford School in Baku,

Global Educational Courses, Campus Educational Services, Oskar,

Discovery Work and Travel, AZUS, Creative, SHAURMA,

COLLIN'S, ROMANTIK, Mc Donald's, KFC, a few judges, a few lawyers,

taxi drivers, rappers, musicians, a few famous singers,

DA STREETZ, DAYIRMAN Producer, D&G, GUESS, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy,

Hilton Hotel, Four Season Hotel Chains, State/private School pupils, various University

students, HONG KONG SHOP, etc ...


Due to our hardworking and marketing skills and our connection worldwide, It has already been 4 years that we have been receiving some overseas students, specially from Iran too.