Chinese Language




Enrollment fee in a group: 16 one hour lessons in 10 days : ask for price


Enrollment fee ( one-to-one – individual lessons ): 16 one hour lessons in 10 days : ask for price


In order to concentrate on high-quality lessons, in 99 % of cases, the number of students in a group does not exceed 3-4 students


age: 16 ~ 45

Tutors: Female native Chinese language tutor



Included in this course:

+ 7 hours city tour, introducing shopping centers etc …

+ free PDF books + free 16 Giga bytes flash card + free opening breakfast + free airport pickup + free end of the course GENERAL ENGLISH OFFICIAL TEST ( Worldwide recognized Certificate will be given accordingly )

* Depending on the season, horse riding, golf, swimming, fitness, beach activities, bowling, bicycle riding, karting, paint ball, billiard, ping pong, tennis, play station, cinema fun and board games can be arranged. You must pay for yourself. 

* Upon request, help with reservation for Qebele, Sheki, Genje, Nabran, Quba or any other Azerbaijani city tour. You must pay for yourself. 

* Upon request, we provide study abroad consulting to Iranian students enrolling in our courses here at WORDIKA Education & Services. Thanks to our big connection with other language schools, study abroad LLC's etc we know who's who in the EFL market here in Baku, Azerbaijan.

During your study with us, we will introduce a professional study abroad firm for you, so that you can choose the university you would like to study at. This firm is in business and connection with above 500 TOP worldwide universities and higher education institutes. There is no need to worry.

For Iranian students, the consulting is absolutely free of charge. Here, in Baku, Azerbaijan, there are some study abroad agencies that charge you for finding and enrolling you at your favorite university. They normally charge something between 300 - 3.000 US Dollars. But, for our students, those who enroll in our courses and learn with us, there is no consulting charge at all. In most cases, depending on the university you choose, with WORDIKA Education & Services reference, you might normally get 10, 20 or even 30 % discount in the annual registration fee for the university you choose. Consider this discount a little gift from us. I repeat, receiving discount is up to the university you choose. Not all universities give discount.

As far as we are concerned, there are some Italian, polish and some other European countries that even provide international students with annual scholarships. Although the scholarship is not that high, but it can surely cover some of your expenses. Well, better than nothing.

Here at WORDIKA, we build up mutual respect. 99 % of our Iranian clients are satisfied with our services. Well I guess it is a cool percentage, isn't it?

So, welcome to WORDIKA Education & Services. No doubts, no regrets. Your investment is highly appreciated and you will definitely improve your language skills etc. Hope to see you soon.


Not included in this course:

housing – insurance – visa fees

>> the students must stay in a hotel ( we will help with finding a room ) for the first 24 – 48 hours … then upon request we will help with finding a reasonable flat ( apartment )


For visa : students can easily apply online, or ask a tour agency in Iran for help with the visa process. For online visit this link >>> http://wordika.org/visa.htm 

or directly : >>> https://evisa.gov.az/en/